Volkswagen cars are to implement blockchain in 2019 as they partner with IOTA. Volkswagen, the famous German auto-dealer, has announced its partnership with IOTA to produce the first automobiles using the blockchain technology.

The pioneer product, called Digital CarPass, will be launched in the first quarter of 2019 and would see the network track data such as mileage and other parameters for the evaluation of the performance of Volkswagen cars.

By being one of the first automobile companies to integrate the hot prospect of IoT into their products, Volkswagen is setting the pace and hopping into the wagon before any other, as they see it as the future of the automobile industry.

In a very competitive market, the company is working to create more initiatives to give Volkswagen an edge over other similar companies, and their recent partnership with IOTA is no doubt a step in the right direction.

Partnership with IOTA

Earlier this year, in February, IOTA and Volkswagen announced their partnership, marking the first significant development in their plan to bring IoT to the automobile industry. IOTA is well known over many circles for their driverless and self/automatic-driven technology, and partnership with a company such as IOTA would substantially increase the versatility of both companies; providing the technical know-how needed by the German powerhouse to realize the project.

“We want to enable our autonomous cars to (provide) services for you and pay autonomously for these services with their own money,”  Benjamin Sinram.

Sinram is the Volkswagen Head of Blockchain, and he has been working on blockchain projects for Volkswagen since August 2018.

The partnership has been lauded by many as promising and necessary, to usher the automobile industry into the next phase, especially given the present intense competition amongst automobile manufacturers in general.

Behind the trailblazing project is Johan Jungwirth, the Chief Digital Officer of Volkswagen Group, who was recently poached and wooed from Mercedes. Johan is in charge of ‘central future strategy,’ and has been highly influential in the progress of the Digital CarPass project.
He confirmed and announced via his official Twitter account:

Digital CarPass in the simplest of terms is similar to a digital report card for a vehicle which employs the secure technology of a distributed ledger to ensure data such as mileage is reliable.

The partnership is another proof that blockchain technology is virtually instrumental in many fields, as it is already being used in different key sectors including Finance, Agriculture, Security, Health, and Pharmacy among many others.

It remains to be seen though if this partnership would restore Volkswagen to the top of the automobile industry, ahead of companies like Toyota and Mercedes. Like it or not though, Volkswagen are adapting for the future and all we can do is wait.

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