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In line with its strategic plans for reposition the Stellar identity to adapt to changing times and for the future, the Stellar Development Foundation is rebranding the Stellar identity.

In one of such rebranding efforts, Stellar is getting a whole new look. Moving away from the old brand logo has not been without nostalgia. Looking back, the Stellar Development Foundation has this to say,

“We’ll soon get to our new look, but before we do, let’s take a second to say goodbye to the old one: so long, Rocketship! You served us well, and we’ll remember you fondly”.

The Need For A Change.

While acknowledging that the old identity indeed lived up to the demands of its time, the Stellar Development Foundation in a recent release reiterated that Stellar needed to assume a new identity that would make it easier to be interfaced with diverse use-case scenarios. For instance, the Foundation was of the opinion that the Rocket logo may not be appropriate as a financial logo for use by banks and other fiat markets.

In a bid to come up with a new identity that is a lot more congruent with diverse financial products and services, the Stellar Development Foundation enlisted the assistance of a design firm, Kurppa Hosk.

The New Face of Stellar Lumens.

Two main factors were considered in arriving at a new Stellar identity. These factors are the following: the new logo should be adequately representative in any context of use whether financial or otherwise. It should also reflect some bit of Stellar’s history while still being suitable for modern usage.

After some toggling, a new logo and identity was arrived at.

New Stellar Logo.png

The new design will be officially launched in May 2019 and will find immediate deployment in new projects.


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