The growing optimism surrounding XRP’s strong and stable position in the Crypto market has seen the emergence of interest groups willing to contribute their own funds to bolster the drive for XRP’s network expansion and deepen its adoption. In one of such latest efforts, a developer, Wietse Wind, has come up with a 3000 XRP bounty offer.

Wietse Provides Incentive

In a tweet, Wietse Wind, founder of XRPL Labs, a development company with a growing positive reputation in the XRP community, said he is offering up to 3,000 XRP coins as a reward to any developer who is able to create a functioning plugin that would interface WooCommerce with the XRP network.

With a user-base of more than 3 million websites, WooCommerce has grown to become one of the top Web payment platforms in terms of volume of transactions. Wietse is of the belief that if an integration of WooCommerce with the XRP network is successfully implemented, much progress would have been made towards strengthening XRP’S market position and widespread adoption, the target being to sign up onto XRP the over 3 million websites that transact on WooCommerce.

Supporters Add To The Reward Pool

Wietse’s move has attracted some collaboration. As seen on his twitter, a couple of his fellow crypto enthusiasts have contributed additional XRP to the reward pool. Wietse has also received some support from Xpring, a subsidiary of Ripple.

This move by Wietse is one of a number of attempts to leverage the large user-base of WooCommerce and expand the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. A couple of months ago the REQ token, owned by the Request Network, was incorporated into WooCommerce.

The surge in optimism about XRP has not been without drawbacks. Recently its reputation came under scrutiny because it was perceived to have contravened one of the terms of the Coinbase Exchange, yet was listed on it. It does appear that Coinbase exercised her sole discretion in this instance.

The projections for the future are indeed looking very bright and strong for XRP, as it continues to break new grounds in its success story.


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