The attention of crypto whales watchers has been drawn to Ripple (XRP) following its recent financial activities which saw the move of XRP worth millions of dollars. In just 24 hours, more than 73,200,000 XRP has been transferred into an unknown wallet by the San Francisco startup, which when converted is worth about $23.9 million.

In addition, large amounts of BTC were sent to Huobi, Bittrex, Bitfinex and Binance by Bitcoin whales.

Ripple Makes Transfer into An Unknown Wallet

The largest transfer made by Ripple in recent times is 47,200,000 XRP which in terms of dollars is estimated to be $15.7 million. Ripple made use of a familiar over-the-counter distribution wallet to move the funds to an unknown wallet. It is possible that the batch may have been sold to a third party by Ripple, which will not be a new thing entirely, seeing that the company does such regularly when there is a need to be met like payment of bills and funding for the XRP ecosystem. However, hardware wallets are said to be the most secured.

The digital assets market is back in the red after a three day run of significant gains. Bitcoin was able to surge past the $4,000 mark on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Crypto Whale Watches

In recent times, a special group of experts have emerged, and they are known as the crypto whale watches. Their mission is to keep an eye on the transactions that occur in the crypto market to identify any massive movement of digital funds from various wallets and exchanges.

Presently, crypto whale watchers are monitoring the movement of millions of funds in XRP. The company situated in San Francisco has transferred more than 73,200,000 XRP estimated to be worth $23.9 million. In the last transaction, a transfer of 47,200,000 XRP was made. A Whale Alert reads:

“47,200,000 #XRP (15,795,851 USD) transferred from Ripple OTC Distribution wallet to Unknown wallet.”

More Transfer of Digital Assets

Also in the market, the transfer of 12,300 BTC have been reportedly made by Bitcoin whales. The $48.7 million worth of transaction was made some days ago. The funds were transferred to Bitfinex, but the wallets from which they originated from is yet to be ascertained.

On the other hand, Tron whales are not out of the picture. The last few days have witnessed the transfer of at least 409,499,944 TRX estimated to be worth $10.2 million. The transfer was made to a number of crypto exchange such as Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex and Bittrex.


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