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The best solution to prevent counterfeiting and enhance both the identification and ownership of products is finally here.


There is a need in both the commercial and industrial sectors to evaluate a product’s origin accurately. Anti-counterfeiting aims to stop the exploitation of established brands which leads to loss of market and profit. In addition to this, final purchasers are considered top priority because they expect their purchases to be of high quality. Another aspect that requires attention is the supply chain. The supply chain can easily be manipulated for the production and distribution of substandard products.

The substandard products usually have lower quality and are made with inferior materials compared to the original. Yet, final consumers and traders find it difficult to separate the fake from the original.

The Solution (ProductID Security Strategy)

ProductID is a solution that adopts similar measures found in digital signature for its security. These measures ensure that ProductID delivers a high level of security at lower costs:

•    Using electronic signature algorithms with an asymmetric key

•    Decentralized public key storage

•    Key publication system

•    Using cryptographic tokens

ProductID does not make use of any centralized storage belonging to either a company or an institution; rather the keys are stored in a distributed register that is duplicated on hundreds of servers which the public can access without the need for intermediaries.

This makes the system’s operating cost lower since the safety of the public key container is essential to the public register, which in this case is IOTA.

Signature validation system

The procedure for validating a signature is handled by a web front end, thereby making it unnecessary for a specific app to be created.

The web front end is distributed, meaning that the code is stored on the same distributed ledger used in the storage of the public keys. This makes it difficult for any attack to occur on the validation server code that would render the whole security architecture ineffective.


This involves the validation of good or product’s property with the use of Smart Cards.

ProductID is designed to handle a product’s validation which takes place after the validation factor made available by the Smart Card has been registered. Since the security location has no limit to the type or the amount of data stored, metadata writing is also supported automatically as the card is read.


ProductID is the best high-grade solution for anti-counterfeiting, security, ownership management and tracking of critical components and valuable products that require accurate identification. The use of Smart Cards Together with the IOTA technology delivers the finest price/security ratio on the market.


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