Vitalik Buterin blew Twitter out of bounds yesterday when he went on a rather lengthy Twitter rant which led to 75 long tweets.  It was about the entire history of Ethereum, from its initial stages to migrating to a proof of stake based system. He even hinted about Casper’s implementation.

You might be asking ‘Why 75 tweets?’ All that we, at Coin Learning Club, can answer is maybe to prove that Ethereum’s falling price is nothing to worry about. Or it could be a case of fearing the end of Ethereum, so he was showcasing his writing skills to be noticed by a blockchain or cryptocurrency company (He started off his career as a writer to Bitcoin Magazine!).

The rant started with the first tweet which warned about the ‘tweetstorm’-

He explained the reason for migrating to a proof of stake based consensus through the 9th tweet. It was mainly to protect from the 51% attacks which he called ‘long range.

Buterin’s tweets, however, highlighted Casper. Casper is designed to work in a trustless system where if anyone acts maliciously they will get punished by having their stake cut off.

Buterin’s 4th Tweet credited the ‘Face of Casper’ Vlad Zamfir with a link to the History of Casper.

In the 19th Tweet, Buterin described Vlad’s focus on making Casper more robust against oligopolies which were inspired by the traditional Byzantine fault tolerance theory. It was called Casper Correct by Construction (CBC).

In tweet number 30, Buterin spoke about how he started developing Casper, by simplifying the minimal slashing conditions from four to two. It led to Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget (FFG). Slashing, in the case as mentioned, is defined as when two or more messages are self-contradictory it becomes illegal.

His final three tweets were the most significant about Casper.

His 73rd tweet was about how Casper will help protect Ethereum from 51% coalition attacks.

Whilst the last tweet spoke about what the current status of Casper was and that it was not a very easy task as three different teams were working on it.

According to the tweets, Casper is a foolproof and efficient system. Judging by the implementations from several blockchain companies, Ethereum will have to release it sooner than later.


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