EOS Detective is a platform that brings forensic data analysis for the EOS blockchain within the grasp of consumers, and EOS Nation will be making it accessible to everyone.

How Does It Work?

  • Search any account to see its token transfer history.
  • Expand a node by double-clicking on it.
  • See every transfer made to a node by single-clicking on it.
  • See all individual transfers by single-clicking an arrow.

The EOS Detective Tools

Filter Options

The filter options enable the participants to get the most out of their search result by narrowing it down to find exactly the desired network graph. These include:

  • Multiple account search
  • Start and end date
  • Minimum and maximum token quantity
  • Minimum and maximum accumulated token value
  • Direction (both / incoming / outgoing)

Physics Settings

The physics settings give the user the ability to make changes to the display of the nodes and edges on the screen. EOS Detective has established a good set of default values, however, all the graphs are not made equal. This means that in order to get a good “screenshot of a specific graph,” the physics settings will have to be adjusted.

Some algorithms have been added to be used for network spatialization, and they include:

  • Graph Network Queries
  • Barnes Hut
  • Repulsion
  • Hierarchical Repulsion
  • Force Atlas 2 Based

The Efficiency of EOS Detective

EOS Detective wastes no time in storing token transfer data into graph databases that are highly scalable, which makes it easy to quickly formulate complex graph queries through the use of data derived from the EOSIO blockchain.

Below are some examples showing graph queries that can be executed using EOS Detective:

“Using account X, find all relationships that have “incoming” transfers greater than 1,000 EOS in the past 24 hours.”

“Over the past 3 months, show all accounts that have an accumulated transfers quantity of 10,000 EOS.”

“Does account A share token transfers with account B.”

There is no limitation with the types of graph queries that can be constructed. EOS Nation CEO, Yves La Rose, had this to say:

“The excitement in people’s eyes when they realize what they are seeing, and how big they suddenly get when they understand what this can become is enthralling. EOS Detective will open windows into the EOSIO ecosystem that will further enhance the level of transparency, integrity, accountability and professionalism expected from stakeholders.”


Work is reportedly in progress to ensure the robustness and efficiency of the platform enabling any guest enjoy top user experience when playing their own “EOS Detective.”

Featured Items on the Current Roadmap

  • Multi-Token
  • Multi-Chain (EOS & BOS)
  • Multi-Lingual (Chinese & English)


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