Hard Forks are becoming quite common ever since Bitcoin led a split into another cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash. This happened in mid-2017 due to a demand from a group of developers who wanted to increase Bitcoin’s block size limit.

More than a year later there is information that Bitcoin Cash has been divided into two camps due to the upgrade debates which may lead to a hard fork on November 15, 2018.

The Difference in Opinion in Technical Words

The Bitcoin ABC development team wants to add an opcode called OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY (DSV) that proposes to improve Bitcoin Cash scripting, canonical transaction ordering (CTOR) and some minor technical improvements.

However, the NChain team led by its chief scientist Craig Wright wants a different addition. The addition includes a 128MB block size increase, adding opcodes of – OP_MUL, OP_LSHIFT, OP_RSHIFT, OP_INVERT and removing the limit of 201 opcodes per script.

The difference in improvements led to supporters being divided into two groups with Nchain already releasing an alpha version of the codebase and a Bitcoin SV mining pool consisting of BMG Pool and Coingeek. In the last seven days, BMG Pool (15.6%) and Coingeek (27.6%) captured a total of 43.2% which is entirely controlling concerning BCH hash rate.

The Difference in Opinion in Simple Words

Bitcoin ABC believes in letting developers issue tokens on the network similar to Ethereum, along with a token burn.

NChain team believes in reverting to some of the original technical details of the Bitcoin Network. The reversal will lead to BCH’s maximum block size increasing from 32 MB to 128 megabytes.

Drama in Bitcoin Cash Camp

The 2018 Bangkok Miners Summit was supposed to calm the two factions down with a discussion on the viewspoints. However Craig Wright one of the main people on the Nchain team walked out of the discussion. Thus leading to no final decision or compromises made by either side.

Youtube Crypto Strategies channel, hosted by Hayden Otto interviewed Craig Wright about the debate. He linked similarities between Bitcoin ABC team’s refusal for a 128 MB block to Bitcoin last year. In this situation the BTC team did not want to increase the block size either.

Roger Ver, one of the popular crypto members of Bitcoin Cash prefers the token burn initiative of Bitcoin ABC. However, he has still not picked either side and remains confident that both the parties will come to an agreement.


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